CNI Desk: Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina on Sunday told the parliament that her government would put the worst hit areas by COVID-19 under lockdown to stop further spread of the lethal virus alongside taking effective measures to run the wheels of economy as none could die from starvation.

“We have decided to bring worst-hit areas by coronavirus under lockdown aimed at checking its further spread,” she said while paying glowing tributes to deceased lawmaker Mohammed Nasim and State Minister for Religious Affairs Advocate Sheikh Md Abdullah taking part in a discussion on the obituary references at the death of two Awami League’s veteran leaders.

Mentioning that the fear arising out of the COVID—19 pandemic has reached terrible height, she said, “We couldn’t allow death of people in starvation due to the panic. —We have to take measures as their lives and livelihoods can continue.”Keeping the reality in mind, the premier said the convenient measures have been taken as the economic activities of the country keep continuing for which she said they have been able to place a budget.

She said that her government has been trying its best to make people understand the urgency of maintaining health codes in a proper manner to stem further spread of COVID-19 aimed at protecting them from the highly contagious virus.

Noting that the deaths and infections by COVID-19 have come to an end after a stage in the developed and western countries including the USA, the premier said its wave has now reached the South Asia.

She said, “Every country, rich in terms of money and arms or poor, is now facing similar situation due to the coronavirus.”