Entertainment Reporter: This time, Preeti Sood, a well known bollywood actress & writer famously known for “Revolver Rani” and “Fraud Saiyaan” has joined Bangladeshi production & distribution company “SHK Global”.

According to the production company authorities, the actress will be working in one of the upcoming films of “SHK Global”.

Imdadul Islam Zikran, CEO of SHK Global, was connected in this regard who informed, “We are continuously working towards making international quality films”.

“Several scripts have already been completed, and a few of those pre-production have also been completed. We are adding a number of directors, artists & crews in order to set proper bench mark in international movie arena”.

“Besides, SHK Global’s Founder & Chairman Shams Hassan Kadir already signed several other movie projects. We were supposed to start working but due to global pandemic we had to postpone all the movie projects”.

“We shall soon start working after situation is normal & workable”. Earlier, ‘Hard Target 2’ Movie Hollywood Film Actress Katrina Grey, ‘Fashion’ & ‘Commando’ Movie Bollywood Film Actress Pooja Chopra, Bangladeshi Famous Film Director C.B. Zaman & Bollywood Dance Director Master Swaroop’s names have come Infront to be working in upcoming movie projects of SHK Global.