CNI Desk: Initial estimates by four ministries suggest that cyclone Amphan badly affected 26 districts and caused damage worth Tk 11 billion, state minister for disaster management and relief Md Enamur Rahman said Thursday.

He came up with the figure while addressing an online press briefing in the afternoon and said the final assessment will take about seven days.

“The families of 10 people who died during the cyclone will get Tk 500,000 each and damaged houses will be rebuilt by the local authorities,” Enamur said.

He said 500 bundles of tins and Tk 1.5 million were allocated for each of the 26 districts affected badly by the cyclone.

According to local government ministry, 11 kilometres of road and 200 bridges and culverts were damaged, he said adding that paddy fields were not much damaged but mango orchards counted losses of Tk 1.5 billion.

The government will buy mango with relief money in the affected districts, he added.

Quoting water resources ministry, the state minister said 150km flood control embankments were damages.

“Postal department said their network was also damaged and power division said they would resume the electricity supply by 9:00pm tonight,” Enamur said.

Fisheries ministry informed that the damage to livestock was Tk 1.4 billion and fisheries Tk 3.5 billion.

Super cyclone Amphan slammed the coast on late Wednesday afternoon with strong wind and heavy rains.