Health Desk: Till now, the number of active cases stands at 359,651. Total cases stands at 503,218.

Despite countries enforcing lockdowns and other measures to stop the ongoing novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the world has witnessed and upward trend of new deaths from the deadly infection.

According to, 22,340 coronavirus deaths were recorded on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, 2,381 deaths from Covid-19 infection were reported across the world.

A week ago, on March 18, the number of new deaths worldwide was 972 and a week before that on March 11 it was 332.

Till now, the number of active cases stands at 359,651.

Of the active case, 341,480, or 95%, were identified to be in mild condition while the rest 18,171, or 5%, have been marked as serious or critical.

At the same time, 121,227  (84%) people from across the world have recovered fully from the infection or were discharged from treatment.

In January, China effectively shut down Wuhan and placed its 11 million residents in effective quarantine after the novel coronavirus infection turned into outbreak.

The virus is thought to have emerged late last year in a Wuhan market illegally trading wildlife. It can cause pneumonia and spreads between people in droplets from coughs and sneezes.

It has created alarm because it is spreading quickly and there are still important unknowns surrounding it, such as its death rate and whether it is able to spread before any symptoms show.

As of Sunday, coronavirus or Covid-19 has affected 198 countries and territories around the world and one international conveyance, the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship harboured in Yokohama of Japan.