Health Desk: ‘Tea-4-Her’ for a healthy lifestyle

Having an excess of caffeine once a day can wreck your system badly. After a few cups of coffee, you will find your heart racing. The general distress and restlessness brought about by an excess of caffeine are not hidden. On the other hand,  herbal tea can help avoid these discomforts and is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. There is a different kind of teas that gives you diverse medical advantages.

Tea is drunk all around the world, and in many places for its health benefits. Different teas can help with heart diseases and diabetes. They may support weight management, lower cholesterol and,  help you stay fresh during the day.

In Bangladesh however, tea isn’t drunk for health benefits and herbal teas are not very popular in the country. To fill this void four friends began Tea-4-Her through which they provide various kinds of teas with various health benefits.

Shawkat Anwar, Shahzeb Aman Saadat, Nazneed Akhter, and Manjur Ahmed Chowdhury founded Tea-4-Her from their interest and love for tea. When they began, they were very much in the dark about how people might receive this.

“But when we launched the reaction was tremendous,” said one of the founders. As they began importing from different countries – China, UK, USA, Japan, India – they also strived to keep the prices in affordable range for the local customers.

Tea-4-Herhopes to set the trend of consuming healthy herbal teas, instead of high caffeine drinks.

The company is more than business, says Nazneen, as it truly helps people make better lifestyle choices.

Among a range of teas from international brands, Rosebud tea, Olong tea, Matcha tea are some of the best selling products at Tea-4-Her.

Tea-4-Herplans to open physical shops soon, where people can drop by to taste tea personally before making the purchase, said Shawkat. He thinks this will be a great way of connecting with consumers and grow the business.